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Tom Branning is a Royal Marine private aboard HMS Terpsichore. He is an NPC who belongs to Keiju.


It can't be said that Branning is a bright candle. He keeps his clothes and his kit clean and serviceable, and can be fully relied upon to uphold his duty, whatever it is, but he is not known for his brains. Complicated reasoning and ideas are utterly beyond his comprehension. Learning new drills or dedicated thought takes some effort and it's not unheard of for things to need explaining in a different way before he understands. Not that his slow wits trouble him much. He's content with his lot in life and doesn't harbour any aspirations to better himself. As far as he is concerned, he's got it pretty good where he's at.


While not tall by any means, Branning makes up for it with his girth. His is not a build given much to fat; in fact, there is hardly any excess fat on his body. Previous employment at as a rope-worker gave him a respectable musculature that has not suffered greatly over time. Branning is a solid, slightly-lumbering fellow, with the unlikely gifts of swift fingers and a degree of stamina - both are great abilities to possess in his chosen profession. His size in particular is helpful, for it's a rare fellow who dares to stand against him.