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Welcome to the Show the Colours Wiki[]

This is the wiki for Show the Colours, a play-by-post roleplay game that was started in 2008. It is set during the Napoleonic Wars, with players able to roleplay threads on land with either the British or French armies or at sea aboard our 32-gun frigate HMS Terpsichore.

Because StC does not follow history exactly, please be aware that the articles on battles, people, places and ships will not necessarily be strictly historically accurate. For example, we have taken a historical vessel, HMS Terpsichore, a frigate of 32 guns and altered her history from 1808 onwards to fit with our fictional history. Our played version of the Battle of Oporto took place on the 22nd May 1809 rather than the historically accurate date of the 12th May. It will be clearly indicated in articles if the information is historically accurate or has been changed in some way to better fit the game.

In our roleplaying, we try to give a flavour of the people, places, manners, clothes etc of the period and we are as accurate as we can be within this framework.

We have chosen to have a wiki in order to complement our game and so that the members and players of StC can give more information on their characters' histories, backgrounds etc and so that we can gather together useful background information.

This is a work in progress, as players can add as little or as much as they want with regards to their own characters, NPCs, and other information that they feel would be useful and pertinent to fellow members of Show the Colours.


Each player is responsible for creating and maintaining the pages for their own characters. We encourage you to link to others' pages within your own where appropriate, using the Wiki linking system of placing names within [[ ]] tags. Character pages should follow the naming conventions on StC itself - for example, Oxley's page is at Tom Oxley not Thomas Oxley.

Please add your pages to the appropriate categories, as this will also help others find them. Useful Information is for useful in-game info, background information is more general information about the period.

If, in creating a page you create a link to a non-existent page, please feel free to also create that page and add the appropriate infoboxes, pictures etc.

Categories are:

2nd Foot Guards

60th Rifles


Background Information




Non-Commissioned Officers

Non-Player Characters


Other Ranks



Royal Marines

Royal Navy




Useful Information


Note on Pictures[]

Pictures used within this wiki are taken from a variety of sources, mostly period dramas. Any artwork is ascribed, where possible, to its original artists. Pictures are used for illustrative purposes only.