Jonny Seward is an Able Seaman aboard HMS Terpsichore. He is an NPC. He is known for his bad temper and dislike of the ship's boys.

Referenced ThreadsEdit

Note: Seward does not neccessarily appear in all the threads below, but he's a focus of the ones he's not actually in.

In The Night on Terpsy (1st May  1809 - The newly arrived Midshipman de Guarde involuntarily goes for a swim, helped by two sailors)

Reporting Suspicious Bumps in the Night (1st June 1809 - Terry Button tells Tide Evans, Lt. Bush and Captain Bolitho about witnessing some of the events of the 1st May, but can't name names)

Settling Quarrels (5th June - Seward has a 'chat' with Terry Button)

Cat Scratch Fever (5th June 1809 - Seward is flogged for bullying)

Mess Duties (10th June 1809 - a fight between Seward and Chase is interrupted by Corporal Thompson)

In Irons and Defaulters (10th June 1809 - the aftermath of the fight)

[ On Styles (11th June 1809 - the two corporals deal with wayward drummers, one of whom lost a bet to Seward)