Lieutenant Jean Delacroix is a French royalist and officer in the 60th Rifles. He is a retired character played by Koenig.


Lieutenant Jean Delacroix, 5/60th Rifles


(All are currently unnamed)



2 Older brothers

2 Older sisters.

History and ChildhoodEdit

Jean was born the son of a wealthy French nobleman and was thus raised accordingly, until the revolution. Jean's father was no fool, he knew that his rather large family of 5 children (of whom Jean was the youngest), his wife, and himself, would immediately become targets for violence. So shortly after the revolution began, Jean and his family left France bound for England. Jean, being very young at the time, had no real idea of what was going on. Only that they were going somewhere in a hurry. That place, was a small town in Essex, England. Or rather, a luxurious building outside of the town. There Jean and his siblings would spend the rest of their childhood. Learning all that children of a nobleman need know. As Jean grew, he learned to both speak and read English and French. But Jean wasn't the only thing growing. So were tensions between France and the rest of the world. When all-out war was declared, Jean's older brother volunteered as an officer in the British Army. Followed by his next oldest brother who became an officer in the Navy. Proudly serving their new King and homeland. Jean wanted to follow them, even more so after the last of his friends had left as well. His mother however, would have none of it. So Jean stayed. Until he could stay no longer, so, with help from his father, Jean said his good-bye's and left for the army. Thanks to his father's money and the British system of promotion, Jean wasted no time in reaching Lieutenant in the Rifles.


Captain Henry Fraser, Royal Artillery