Lady Isabella Walham, commonly called Bella by her family and friends, is the youngest daughter of the Earl and Countess of Gleve. She is the sister of Edward, Viscount Torrington, currently a Captain in the Corps of Royal Engineers attached to the Second Division and Elizabeth, Countess of Thine. Her oldest brother William is deceased. He favourite cousin is Commander James Walham of the HMS Dancer.

She is played by Marashar.

Places of residence Edit

Bella lives with her parents still and is found in their town and country residences:

Gleve House, London

Crane House, Twickenham, Middlesex

Walham Court, Walham, Gloucestershire

She occassionally visits friends and relatives.

Childhood Edit

Present Edit

Appearance and Personality Edit

Bella's main accomplishments are singing and dancing - both learned from early on under the eyes of tutors and greatly enjoyed. She plays piano rather indifferently and mainly to accompany herself, is adequate at sketching, and does not like needlework. She could be better in most of these things if she would show more patience and practice more, but only for singing she is motivated to do so.

She is a good rider, can drive suitable carriages and in general enjoys being outdoors.

Her academic accomplishments include good French, passable Italian and an interest in geography as well as some botanical and some historical knowledge.