Fallbrooke House is the country home of the Viscount Saltash and his family. The family's town house, Saltash House is located at 5, Portman Square, in the Marylebone district of London.

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The house and groundsEdit

Built on the site of a Tudor manor house, Fallbrooke is situated between Winchester and Andover, about ten miles from Andover and twelve from Winchester.

It was felt that the original Elizabethan house was not grand enough, so Fallbrooke House was totally remodelled and rebuilt by the second Viscount soon after acceding to the title in 1745, although the work took several years to complete. A watercolour view of the original house, painted by the first Viscountess, is on display in the library.

The grounds of the new house were originally landscaped by Capability Brown, with some slight remodelling done later on by Humphrey Repton.

Across the river

The country is very good for riding, a pastime much enjoyed by the Viscount and his children. The Viscount is MFH (Master of Foxhounds) of the local hunt, the Somborne (named for the nearby village), as the local country offers excellent hunting.

Pictures of Fallbrooke HouseEdit

  • The ballroom
  • The library
  • The drawing room
  • The dining room
  • The entrance hall
  • The music room
  • The bridge over the river
  • St Philip's church, in the grounds
  • The Ruin - folly built by the second Viscount
  • Ruined church - folly built by the second Viscount

(All pictures are of Avington Park in Hampshire, except the dining room, which is that from Lansdowne house, the music room (which is the drawing room of Croft Castle) and the follies)