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A frigate under full sail

The men and crew of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Terpsichore are collectively known as Terpsichores or Terpsies.

NPCs with stars (*) by their names may be borrowed with permission; all other NPCs are free to share.

Commissioned Officers[]

All commissioned sea officers stand watches, apart from the Captain who is expected to be called when needed. Because there are more watch-keeping officers than watches, this means that every few nights, each officer will have an undisturbed night's rest. The Captain and the Royal Marine officer are the only commissioned officers aboard who are not expected to stand watches.

Captain: Hereward Thorburn

First Lieutenant: William Bush

Second Lieutenant: Edward Leat

Third Lieutenant:

Fourth Lieutenant:

Royal Marine Captain: Arthur Cartwright


Midshipmen are officers-in-training. They stand watch under a lieutenant (two or three per watch). They may be disrated. One midshipman is designated Signals Midshipman and is responsible for reading signals from other vessels and making the replies to them.

Frederick Chandos (NPC)

Douglas Docker (NPC)

Simon Fletcher (NPC) (Volunteer First Class)

Daniel Kinsella (NPC, senior midshipman)

James Slater (NPC, signals midshipman)

Warrant Officers[]

All warrant officers are idlers (they do not stand watches) apart from the Master, who is a watch-keeper

Senior Warrant Officers[]

Master: (1) Michael Tadcock (NPC)
Boatswain: Toby Watts (NPC)
Gunner: (1) George Hennock (NPC)
Carpenter: (1) McNish (NPC)
Surgeon: (1) Noah Braithwaite (PC)
Purser: (1) James 'Jem' Foxley (NPC)

Inferior Warrant Officers[]

An 'inferior warrant' ranks socially equal to petty officers that a captain may rate and disrate at will, but inferior warrants have a warrant from one Board or another, and cannot be disrated by the Captain. They are all idlers, which means they do not stand watches - they sleep at night and work during the day.

Cook: (1)
Sailmaker: (1) (Idler)
Armourer: (1) Simon Grey (NPC)
Ropemaker: (1) (Idler)
Caulker: (1) (Idler)
Surgeon's Mate: (1) Ezekiel Gowthray (NPC)
Master-at-Arms: (1) Alexander Small (NPC)
Cooper: (1) (Idler)

Petty Officers[]

Master's Mate: (2) Albert Savage (PC)
Boatswain's Mate: (2) Henry Colburn (NPC); Eamon Rutland (NPC)
Captain's Coxswain: (1)
Quartermaster (2) Tide Evans
Quartermaster's mates (2)
Captain of the Foretop (larboard watch) Edward McElwee (NPC)
Captain of the Maintop (larboard watch) Thomas Boyles (NPC)

(Also various captains of parts-of-ship afterguard, fo'c'sle etc. Two of each, one per watch - larboard and starboard)


Idlers work during the day and do not keep watches

Sailmaker's Mates: (1)
Carpenter's Mates: (2) William Taylor (NPC); George Williams (NPC)
Captain's Clerk: (1) Cheevers (NPC)
Caulker's Mate: (2)
Gunner's Mate: (1)
Armourer's Mate: Bob Flint (NPC)
Cook's Mate: Albert 'Slushy' Dyson (NPC)
Yeoman of the Powder Room: (1)
Quartergunner: (1)
Ship's Corporal: (1) Martin West (NPC)
Captain's Steward: (1) Catchpole (NPC)
Wardroom Steward: (1) Markham (NPC)
Loblolly boy: Jeremiah Bridgens (NPC*)

Other Crew[]

Widows' Men are fictitious men whose names are on the ship's books for their pay, which is sent to the widows and families of men who have died at sea or been killed in action, as a form of pension.

Servants: (14)
Widows' Men: (5)

Royal Marines[]

(Main page: Royal Marines)

Marines keep watches, but they are not on the same watch on/watch off rotation as the seamen, which means that those not on sentry duty during the night will get to spend all night in their hammocks. The Sergeant ranks socially with the warrant officers and the Corporals with the petty officers, but cannot be disrated by the Captain as the petty officers can - any demotion of an NCO at sea must have the support of the ranking Marine officer.

Sergeant (1):

Harry Quinn

Corporal (2):

George Thompson

Marines on parade aboard ship


Tom Oxley (O'Brian's squad)

Tom Shepherd (NPC*) (Thompson's squad)

Andrew Shepherd (NPC*) (O'Brian's squad)

Privates: (32)

William Beech (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

Tom Branning (NPC*) (Thompson's squad)

Tim Brewer (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

Charley Brice (NPC) (Thompson's squad)

Tom Combes (NPC) (Thompson's squad)

A Marine sharpshooter going aloft

James Dawkins (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

Bob Dickin (NPC) (Thompson's squad)

George Everett (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

Ned Grattan (NPC) (Thompson's squad)

Symon Higgins (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

Joe Ingalls (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

Cross Johnson (O'Brian's squad)

A party of Royal Marines ashore

Ronnie Joyse (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

Jem Keene (NPC) (Thompson's squad)

David Lakey (NPC) (Thompson's squad)

Artair MacTavish (PC) (Thompson's squad)

Thomas 'Tam' McEwen (NPC) (Thompson's squad)

Christopher McIntyre (Thompson's squad)

Bill Mallory (NPC) (Thompson's squad)

Peter Maple (NPC*; Sewell's steward) (O'Brian's squad)

Ben Morgan (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

Will Reece (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

Finch 'Birdy' Robinson (PC) (O'Brian's squad)

Ned Simms (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

Richard Shriver (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

David Swift (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

Private George Thompson ringing the ship's bell

Luke Terelly (NPC*) (O'Brian's squad)

Jack Vining (NPC) (Thompson's squad)

Albert Ware (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

John Webb (NPC*) Thompson's squad)

Ben Willis (NPC) (O'Brian's squad)

Kit Witchall (NPC) (Thompson's squad)


'L' or 'S' by a seaman's name indicates Larboard or Starboard watch

Andrew Bell (maintopman, captain's boat crew) (NPC)

A sailor going aloft

William Buckley (NPC)
James Burton (NPC)
Joe Cairn (NPC)
Bob Cordwainer (NPC) (Gun-captain)
Joe Crabtree (NPC)
Jacob Chase (Foretopman, L (PC))
Patchy Dawson (NPC)
Joe Dixon (NPC)
Mathew De Guarde (PC) (Foretopman, L)
Bob Donald, Able Seaman (NPC)
Dunnett, Able Seaman (NPC)
Chicken Dyer, Able Seaman (NPC, foretopman, L)
Tommy Edwin, Able Seaman (NPC, foretopman, L)
"Tanner" Joe Greenstreet, Able Seaman (NPC)

Sailors aloft, reefing sail

Tim Hapenny (NPC) (Maintopman, L)
Ben Hennock (NPC)
Bernie Hobbs (NPC)
'Bristol' Joe, Able Seaman (NPC)
Old Keane Able Seaman (NPC)
Macklin, Able Seaman (NPC)
Tom Merton(NPC)
Sam Millet (NPC)
Josiah Murray (NPC) (Mizzentopman, L)
Ben Nicholls (NPC)
Old Oates (NPC)
Young Oates(NPC)
Sam Oxley(PC)
William Pascoe (NPC)
Donny Pringle, Able Seaman (NPC)
Benjamin Robbins (NPC)
Joe Riggan (NPC) (Mizzentopman, L)

A ship's boat's crew

Sankie, Ordinary Seaman (NPC)
Jack Savery, Able Seaman (Purser's Steward)
Jonny Seward, Able Seaman (NPC) R
Jim Spencer, Able Seaman (NPC, captain's boat crew)
Jimmy Squeak, Able Seaman (NPC)
Alley Sutter (NPC)
Chris Timlin (Ordinary seaman, shantyman) (NPC)
Ned Torrington, Able Seaman (NPC)
Fox Weston (Yeoman of signals) (NPC)
Jack Young, Able Seaman (captain's boat-crew)

Ship's Boys[]

Boys had various roles at sea, ranging from powder monkeys in battle, to 'nippers' when raising anchor. They also acted as servants to the petty officers and midshipmen.

Bobby Brightwell, boy, 12 (NPC)

Terry Button boy, 12 (PC)

Ship's boys acting as powder monkeys

Little Jacky Fisher, boy, 13 (NPC)

Billy-boy Green, boy, 11 (NPC)

Charley Hammond boy, 15 (NPC)

Danny Milburn, boy, 12 (NPC)

Fingers Smith, boy, 11 (PC)

Johnny Stenhouse, boy, 14 (NPC)

Sam Tupper boy, 15 (NPC)

Jimmy Young, boy, 13 (NPC)

Ship's Cat[]


Watch List[]

Master (with one or two middies)

1st Lieutenant (with one or two middies)

2nd Lieutenant (with one or two middies)

3rd Lieutenant (with one or two middies)

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