The 95th Rifles was a regiment of the British army that fought during the Peninsular War. They wore green jackets with black facings and, like the 60th Rifles, they were armed with the Baker rifle. They were part of the Light Division, which arrived in Spain hours too late to take part in the Battle of Talavera.

Like their counterparts in the 60th, riflemen of the 95th were trained to work in open order and to be able to think for themselves. They were to operate in pairs ahead of the main infantry, which were bunched in close formations. They were taught to make best use of natural cover and to harass the enemy with aimed shots. These tactics, which had originated in campaigns in North America, were unorthodox for the time. It was generally considered impractical for individual soldiers to aim at specific targets and conventional tactics favoured the mass volley from a close formation and the bayonet.

Please note that this regiment is not in play in Show the Colours; characters in StC who are riflemen are in the 60th.